Topic :

Business Operations and Administration

Your desired style of citation: APA
Word Count : 2000 words
Pages : 08 pages
Referencing Style :
Education Level : Premium


Business Operations and Administration Prepare and submit a paper responding to the following items: Use the online library, Internet, required reading, and other resources to research and develop a more
complete appreciation of business operations and

Topic :

Your desired style of citation: MLA
Word Count : 750 words
Pages : 03 pages
Referencing Style : MLA
Education Level : Standard Quality


Brand segmentation, advertising strategy and swot analysis for this company.

Topic :

How will working with small group instruction help students have better phonemic awareness skills, so they can become better readers?

Your desired style of citation: APA Referencing
Word Count : 1000 words
Pages : 04 pages
Referencing Style : APA Referencing
Education Level : Masters


Assignment e-Portfolio Signature Assignment: Action Research
Introduction and Literature Review Points: 50 Details: 1) For
this assignment, you will develop an Action Research Proposal
for conducting research in reading instruction.

Topic :

The topic is the federal government should legalize gay marriage in America

Your desired style of citation: APA Referencing
Word Count : 2500 words
Pages : 10 pages
Referencing Style : APA Referencing
Education Level : Guaranteed 2:1 Standard


The research paper has to include the information in 10 years, the introduction has to be 2 pages, the annotate bib has to be
published researches, the professor wants us to use
Cambridge college APA and professor also want me to talk
about the history of gay marriage and the definition of legal

Topic :

Research paper on Kate Chopin works

Your desired style of citation: MLA
Word Count : 1750 words
Pages : 07 pages
Referencing Style :
Education Level : Undergraduate


Kate Chopin, compare an contrast \"The Storm\" and \"The story of an hour\". The first two pages have to focus on the authors life, and inspiration to write. The rest is comparing and contrasting each work in terms of
plot, style, and character development. It needs to have
different resources, the best website that I found was 12 font. double spaced. Due Dec. 9 at 6:00pm,
7 pages, and its for a English 1B class, at a jr college.

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